Into the Mystic : L.J. Hamlin

Into the Mystic, Volume Three is a short story anthology featuring nine paranormal short stories that center on a lesbian/bisexual romance. I’m super excited about it, since I feel there is a lack of LGBT fantasy romance especially ones that focus on the ladies. Since I know a few of these authors, they let me interview them!


My Cup of O Positive – going to the ER isn’t always as bad as you expect.

L.J.Hamlin (who I swear is not me) is a queer disabled writer with a love of fantasy but will try any genre she gets an idea for. She is constantly weighed down by WIPs but always open to more ideas.

l.j. hamm teeth
Show Me Your Teeth!


Favorite Authors:

  1. Rachel Caine
  2. Brianna Kietinz
  3. Maggie Derrick
  4. Alex Harrow
  5. Nicole Field



hamm vamp



A misty night outside of a hospital. The light from the streetlamp is dingy as the two L.J.s come towards each other in the fog. L.J. Hamlin is elegant and mysterious. L.J. Longo trips over nothing.

Longo: So, Other L.J., I have a series of questions about…

Sounds of vampiric…shuffling in the wind. Longo gets a little nervous while Hamlin only smiles wider.

Hamlin: About my story.

Longo: Yeah… So uh, why F/F romance?

Is that a siren or a wolf howl? Hamlin leans casually on the brick of the hospital.

Hamlin: I’m drawn to f/f as a bisexual woman. It took me a while to come out but as soon as my sexuality was no longer a secret I wanted to share stories of women like me. In fact…

Hamlin seems not to notice the ominous sounds drawing nearer, though Longo begins to look around wild eyed at the darkness.

Hamlin: “My Cup of O Positive” was inspired by a condition I have known as ehlers danlos syndrome (EDS ) I had the thought of how vampirism would change the condition without erasing it. So the love interest is a British vampire living in America who has EDS and is into disability activism and loves her cat.

Longo: Wait we’re in America?

Hamlin: Yeah, the main character is an American human doctor, she’s very focused, loves working and helping people.

A McDonald’s appears across the street from the hospital, severely cutting down on the scary ambiance and setting Longo at ease.

Longo: What a great way to both raise awareness and incorporate something new and interesting into the vampire mythos in your world. What else do you do to make a good fantasy story?

Hamlin: For me, the challenge with writing fantasy romance  is getting the balance right between the romance and the world building.

Hamlin snaps her fingers and the fog swallows the comforting light of the McDonalds. Hamlin stalks closer.

Hamlin: No one wants big info dumps at key romantic moments so you have to explain the world at the right time.

Longo: Great advice…Do you have any other advice for new writers before I jet. It’s kinda chilly out here in front of the scary hospital with all the vampire…stuff in the air.

Hamlin smiles showing a definite sharpness of tooth.

Hamlin: Sure. My advice to new writers is to not read your reviews, even the best big names get horrible reviews so don’t let that bring you down. Say what’s your blood type.

Longo: Uh… O positive. Ironically enough.

Hamlin: Delicious.

Longo: Oh no…

hamm vamp 2


Find more L.J. Hamlin on her website:

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