Fantasy Romance

I have no idea where I got my love of magic and wonder. Everyone around me while I was growing up was very practical and liked to watch sports and documentaries. I remember being given a fairytale book at Christmas one year by a distant relative and my parents looking at my sympathetically, as if to say, ‘oh just pretend you like it.’ The Brother’s Grimm was like a gateway drug and I’ve never really sobered up.

Freeing the Witch (Heart of the Mountain Book 2)

Emaula Whispel thought she’d be happy if she could live outside her mother’s magical stone tower, but when Emaula starts working as a chef at her friend’s trading post, she becomes smitten with Porter, her co-cook. Now Emaula’s magic is obsessed with possessing this quiet, charming wolf, and the budding witch has to fight to control her powers and her lust, to prevent her new friend from becoming her accidental victim.

Nominated for an Evernight Reader’s Choice Award, 2019

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Hiring the Tiger (Heart of the Mountain Book 1)

A tiger shouldn’t be picking tea-leaves and carrying luggage, but that’s the only job Navarro sees in his future. He’s learned to be humble since he and his friends, a wolf pack, exchanged their former careers as highway robbers for prison.

Then Lady Jasprite Doughton, a merchant with all the grace of the far East and the wealth of the West, whirls through the village on the back of a dragon and reminds Navarro what it means to want something. With her dominating sexual tastes and her powerful personality, Jasprite challenges his body, his lust, his loyalty to his friends, and his own worth.

After all, is gold enough to buy a tiger?

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, forced seduction, sex toys

Seaweed and Silk: Crazy Little Spring Called Love

A mermaid: hundreds of miles from her home on the ice, on a ship with a troll, a goblin wizard, and a pack of wolves. What else can go wrong? Oh, right. A flippin’ sea monster.

Embrace adventure, magic, romance, and the power of escapism.

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