Who’s L.J. Longo?

It’s me.  I admit it.  I am L.J. Longo.

I have a great personality that does not show in this, the best photograph ever taken of me.

Don’t tell my mom; she’ll totally freak.

Here is a list of facts about me:

I write a medley of Dark Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and what I’ll call Literary for lack of a better term.

I work for a mythology-based summer camp that trains children to fight monsters. I have also been a ghost tour guide, a pirate, a college professor, a psychiatrist’s secretary, a factory worker, a barista, an art tour guide, a bagel-maker, and a mail-carrier.

I have stolen a horse, at least two bars of soap, and several thousand pens.

I have reason to suspect, I’m developing a thing for witches. And mermaids.

In 2018, I received an M.F.A. in Writing  Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, but my first novel was published in 2016. I have multiple publications through Evernight, including three novels and various novellas in various amazon-best selling anthologies. My book, Freeing the Witch: Heart of the Mountain Series, was nominated for an Evernight Reader’s Choice Award.
Outside of Evernight, my work has appeared in The Fantasist, Monologuing, and Dharma Direction, where I have an on-going fiction column. In 2018, my short story Knife and Needle was honorable mention in the Horror category for Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Competition In 2020, I won 3rd place in Writer’s Digest Short Fiction Competition for my short story To Harvest Lavender .

I am looking for an agent.

I am also in the market for a wealthy patron to adopt myself and my partner. We live in Bayonne, NJ, just outside of the city and we are both very well-behaved and affable people who live very cheaply.

Embrace adventure, magic, romance, and the power of escapism.

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