Shameless Slash: Cold Night in the Haunted Forest

This is part of my Shameless Slash Contest: so it was originally fan fiction. Be the first to correctly guess what novel/movie inspired this source in the comments and you’ll win a copy of my next book, The Dishonest Lover!

Cold Night in the Haunted Forest

It was cold at night in the Haunted Forest and Phyfe hated sleeping on the ground. Not for the first time in this god-damned journey he wished he were safe at home in the clean, carved stone of the dragons’ villages. Also, not for the first time, he cursed all witches, all humans, and every other uncivil thing outside his masters’ caves for disturbing his quiet normal life with their adventures.

It was really his own fault. He spent too much time daydreaming about the stories he copied and read to the dragons. If he’d kept his feet firmly on the stones, if he’d not looked up at every human being that wandered into the underground city and begged to chronicle their life, that God-damned bitch of a witch would never have convinced him to tag along on this… suicide mission.

Phyfe turned over and hit a rock with his elbow. He swore softly into the darkness, then shushed himself because of the thirteen others sleeping around him. The proper adventurers had no trouble dozing on the cold ground and eleven of them snored contentedly. Westerby boasted that he could sleep as comfortably on solid rock as in a bed. Mad Wale, always on to raise the stakes, replied that even when beds were available he found himself unable to sleep in one.

Phyfe would not have had that trouble. Another great shiver rumbled through him and he coiled more into his blanket, which was impossibly thin against the night air and the forest wind. It was never this cold underground, not even in winter. If it hadn’t been for that bitch of a witch, he would have never left his comfortable soft bed. Eating bacon and eggs. Staring at the big entryway and the well-traveled path to the dragon city and wondering what secrets lay in the big world beyond.

He sighed and felt a little pang of sadness at the idea of missing this adventure. It was not fun, not even interesting most of the time. Then suddenly something wicked and hungry would try to eat them. He had every faith that the company he was keeping could handle the monsters he knew in the woods, most of the monsters he could identify in the mountains, and a handful of beasts Phyfe had never so much as nightmared about.

Ru could probably take them on himself and be none-the-worse.

Phfye turned again, minding the rock, so that he faced the fire. Silhouetted by the flames, he could see the shen acting as their night watch who insisted that title was his only name and the man himself, Ruyord Syng—a prince among humans or at least among this band.

Yes, Ru could handle all kinds of monsters on his own. In addition to making better time and leaving less of a trail than the large group. Phyfe never understood why Ru felt the need to bring any of them on his quest for a magical city his royal line had somehow misplaced. Phyfe didn’t understand the politics of it, only the poetry.

But Ru always smiled and joked that he hated being alone, loved the companionship of his friends, and would get swindled in every city if it were not for his dwarf.

His dwarf meaning Phyfe.

Phyfe snorted a little when he realized he was staring at the human again. Phyfe felt a crushing loyalty to the man, a disastrous affection and admiration that would lead him to follow Ru no matter what insanity he lead them towards. Though Phyfe was certain he was nothing more than a liability, a disappointment, a failure waiting to happen, he would catch himself gazing dreamily at the outcast prince. No one except Westerby had caught him so far, and the old man only smiled and shook his head at Phyfe’s foolishness and told him to mind his step. Still, he found himself idly watching Ru at meals or during long stretches of the path when they could ride the horses—correction, when the humans could ride the horses and he was made to hang on to one of them. His pony had died trying to keep up. Phyfe tried not to think of the dwarf horse’s fate as foreboding.

Ru shifted turning his head and his helm caught a gleam of the fire. The man slept in his armor, most of the warriors did. Phyfe had not mastered that either, though he wondered if their armor had padding to make it more pleasant to sleep on hard surfaces. They had magic armor—all professional adventurers did, Westerby said—the kind that moved with the body and didn’t pinch and cut off circulation. It looked like scaled metal, but it moved soundlessly, and while it was heavy, it was durable, and moved like a shirt. Phyfe’s was left-over and over-sized.

Ru’s helm looked more like a crown than a helm in front of the fire. The points were sharp enough to pierce into a man’s skull. Phyfe had seen Ru butt monsters with it and come back with meat clinging to the helm. It wasn’t until Night-watch sniffed that he realized the two men were not talking which meant Ru was looking back at him.

Phyfe rolled over again quickly, facing away from the fire and banging his elbow on the rock again. He stared into the darkness outside their little circle and felt another strong pang of cold. He shuddered again. His teeth clacked together and he pulled his arms tighter to his body.

A knot of fear, longing, and embarrassment tied itself in Phyfe’s stomach. He could go to the fire, allegedly to get warm, and strike up a conversation with Ru. He liked talking to Ru, hearing of his other adventures, or of the legends he liked to tell of ancient kings and dragon-slayers. Ru was proud that his species had done such damage to the rest of the world that they were banished into a realm without magic. Mad Wale had been there once. He called it New Jersey.

Phyfe was cold, should have been sitting at the fire, or sleeping next to it, but now Phyfe was afraid to move. Afraid to move to the fire and have nothing to say. Or worse to actually fall into conversation with Ru. He’d say something foolish and naïve and Ru would smirk at him or scowl and Phyfe would be reminded that he would be dead many times over without the company and Ru’s watchful eyes in particular.

He remembered his first encounter with the wicked things in the woods when he’d wandered into a giant-spider’s web while gathering wood with Night-watch and Mad Wale. Phyfe had screamed unable to free himself from the web as the great beast crawled closer. The two professional adventurers had debated if it was worth the effort of freeing a dwarf. Then when the spider was fully in the open, Night-watch had transformed into a bigger version of the same animal and had bitten off the spider’s head. Mad Wales had cut him free, but only after Phyfe had vomited all over himself and they had both laughed at him. Then Night-watch, still covered in the monster’s gore kindly offered to sleep in Phyfe’s bag for the rest of the trip to protect him. In an effort to show his gratitude and to mask his own fear, Phyfe had made a soft nest in the front pocket of his bags for the shen and Night-watch had settled in as a mouse and kept his word.

No, Phyfe would not go hang around the fire with the shen and the leader. He was not worthy of their company. He needed to sleep. His teeth chattered again and he again cursed the witch, the adventurers, and his own foolishness.

Phyfe heard the lightest chink of metal and darted his eyes to the fire to see Ru’s helm rising. The man pulled it off his head and looked around the camp. His face was so handsome in the firelight, scarred and rugged. When Phyfe lived in the underground city, the sight of this adventuring type of man could reduce him to stammering and promised to leave him sweating and trembling alone in his bed, racked with desire he did not dare try to satisfy. Ru was a paragon of Phyfe’s imaginings, the kind of man who would kill him as easily as accept his admiration. It still stunned Phyfe when Ru acknowledged him, or talked pleasantly to him. As if the attention of this man were as paralyzing as the poison in his arrows.

Ru ran a hand over his dark skull, his fingers brushing over the course close-cropped curls. Then he set the helm down beside the shen. Night-watch did not acknowledge the helm, just continued carving at a little hunk of wood with sparks of his light magic.

When Ru’s eyes scanned over his company, Phyfe shivered from the cold again and then shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep. He did not open his eyes when he heard Ru’s footsteps coming closer. The man probably just had to relieve himself. Phyfe imagined the warrior opening his trousers, just enough to wrap his fingers around his shaft and pull it into the cold air.

The thought made Phyfe tremble and a hot flush wrapped over his body before settling in his cheeks. Then the cold rushed back over him and he shivered stronger than before. What a miserable night this was turning out to be.

Something heavy dropped down by Phyfe’s head. He did not react to it, since it was Ru putting it down. He felt his breath hitch when he heard the man getting onto the ground beside him. When a second blanket and a heavy arm covered him, the dwarf’s entire body stiffened.

In more ways than one. First there was the regular fear stiffness, each muscle clamping up and refusing to move because it was too terrified. There was there the second, the stiffening in his pants. Phyfe clenched his teeth tight and tried to control his shudder.

Ru did not take his arm away when he had settled the second blanket. Worse, he pulled closer, laying his chest against Phyfe’s back. The dwarf shivered feeling small, confused, and ashamed.

“Ru, what—”

“I could hear you shivering from across the camp,” Ru said, his voice stoic and cool. “You’re freezing.”

Phyfe shuddered again, trying not to think about the hand pressed against his breastbone, as if feeling his heart. Maybe this was normal for humans. Someone is cold, you warm him. And Ru was warm. Even through the enchanted armor, his body radiated heat. The chill went out of Phyfe’s blanket and the heat permeated through his bones.

“Is this all right?” Ru asked.

So it wasn’t normal. Phyfe struggled to answer. The last thing he wanted was to lose the heat of Ru’s body. He could smell the warm tang scent of the human. He was afraid to keep him so near, worried the slightest movement of his body would betray him. He couldn’t stand to think of Ru’s distain, though he knew it was all he deserved, couldn’t bear the idea of Ru mocking his affections.

“Phyfe?” Ru asked. His breath, hot and scented like mint leaves, was warm on his neck and in his hair.

“No… this is good. This is… yes. It’s all right.”

Ru’s arm relaxed, the weight and warmth of his arm settling more fully on Phyfe. Phyfe shut his eyes and tried to calm down his cock, tried to make it sleep the way the rest of him should be sleeping. But everything was tense and stiff and getting hotter. The heat was good, but fear roiled in his stomach. He wondered if he was going to throw up again from nervousness.

Then Ru shifted and lay his thighs against Phyfe’s curled legs. Phyfe’s eyes shot open and he felt his muscles clench tight. Ru’s erection pressed against Phyfe’s back.

“Is that all right?”

It was such a simple way of asking a complex question. Was it all right that he was aroused? Was it alright that he was aroused by Phyfe? Was he even aroused by Phyfe or just a horny human? Was it all right this was happening in the middle of the night in a haunted forest surrounded by the rest of their friends and allies, with Night-watch only feet away? Was it all right, biologically, culturally, spiritually?

“I… Ru…” His voice came out in a dry whisper, but was more solid than Phyfe had expected. “I mean, this isn’t really the best time to… I mean, I don’t mind. But the danger… in the woods and … death. I mean, tomorrow, who knows what could happen. And with how uncertain the future is… oh, blast it.”

Phyfe faded off, unable to articulate his fear, because more than anything he was afraid he would lose that wonderful warmth and the sweet embrace of that arm.

Ru listened to his ramblings fade patiently, waiting for him to resolve his idea. Then with a light stroke, Ru lowered his hand towards Phyfe’s trousers. “I agree. The time and the place are awful, but you’re right, either of us could die tomorrow. Nothing is certain.”

More likely me.” Phyfe thought.

“For me, those reasons seem like the best reasons for this to happen now.”

“Oh.” That was pretty much what he’d been after, but Ru’s spin on it—sex in an uncertain future. The danger of death as a reason to live now— was not something he had ever considered.

Ru squeezed a little closer and chuckled in his ear. “besides, I’m not the one staring longingly across the fire.”

Phyfe blushed. “The others…”

Night-watch was awake a few feet away, the others were sleeping so close by.

“They all know how I want you,” Ru said. His tone was getting more lively, almost frightened. But his hand and hips pressed closer. Grinding his erection deeper, and moving his hand lower. Nearly at the hem of his trousers now. “Mad Wales told me I should have just…well, it doesn’t matter, does it? If this is not all right with you, is it?”

Phyfe shivered. He could not verbally admit how much he wanted it, without revealing how afraid he was of it. He was not sure what would come out if he opened his mouth, but he was certain it would be a string of nonsense. He straightened his legs and the movement, shifted Ru’s hand down and the side of his fingers brushed over Phyfe’s cock, bulging at the soft leather of his trousers. He nodded, swallowed hard. “It’s all right.”

Ru’s hand gently, boldly, travelled over the hardness in Phyfe’s trousers. The dwarf gasped, stunned by the throb of lust the man’s hands caused. He wondered if it was magic at work, and found it difficult to breathe. Ru’s fingers—such a big hand—coiled around his shaft through the fabric, groping gently stroking and squeezing. The heat was amazing, spreading through his entire body, but springing from the hand outside his clothing covering his cock.

“Shh,” Ru whispered. “They all know about what we want from each other, but that doesn’t mean we should wake them.”

“Sorry,” Phyfe squeaked. He wasn’t sure he knew what he wanted from Ru. He was too embarrassed to think about it, to imagine what the others knew that he did not. He thought about the nights he would lie in his bed shaking, frightened to touch himself because it felt too good and it hurt to feel that good. “I don’t know anything at all.”

Ru chuckled and his lips brushed against Phyfe’s neck. “Relax.”

Phyfe could not relax, not with the hand rubbing of his trousers. Then Ru’s hand, the magic of his rubbing fingers shifted away and went under his shirt. The metal links of the mail jingled, but neither noticed it.

Ru’s hand, so large on Phyfe’s body, felt hot and wonderful. Phyfe fought for breath when the fingers circled his left nipple and squeezed gently. As if his nipple were connected to his cock, he felt his shaft react and swell even harder. He moaned with pleasure.


“Sorry,” Phyfe said. His hands rung together still holding his blankets. Then he bit his lips to silence himself.

Ru’s other hand ran over Phyfe’s hair, pulling his head a little back and exposing his neck. Phyfe had the momentary memory of Ru in battle, grabbing an orc by the hair, yanking his head and slicing cleanly across the monster’s throat. Instead, he felt a gentle kiss under his jaw and Ru’s hand moved lower again, floating under his mail.

“Have you done this before?” Ru asked.

Phyfe remembered the one time he had gone into the forbidden section of the library. The place where they kept the books about bodies and naked illustrations. It was a large section and he had opened a book accidentally and it had earned him an erection and a beating from the librarian. That was the extent of his experience. “No. Does it hurt?”

“I won’t hurt you,” Ru promised, which was infinitely reassuring. The fingers of his left hand travelled down Phyfe’s body to the button of his trousers. His lips pressed into Phyfe’s hair and when his trousers were open and the cold air and Ru’s fingers wrapped around Phyfe’s cock, the dwarf thought he was going to burst and die from the pleasure.

Ru pulled Phyfe onto his back and propped himself up over him, looking down at Phyfe as if he were the world. In the moonlight and the fire, Phyfe could clearly see Ru and he looked away embarrassed by his gaze, by his attentions.

“Look at me, please.” Ru whispered, kissed his forehead. “Like you do when you think I can’t see you.”

Phyfe swallowed hard and failed to obey. He couldn’t keep his eyes open because of Ru’s hand, the one stroking and squeezing his cock. Phyfe arched towards Ru, biting his lips hard to contain his cry of pleasure.

“Relax.” Ru soothed him and his lips brushed against Phyfe’s teeth. Phyfe unclenched his jaw, releasing his lips from between his teeth and offering his mouth for Ru’s kisses.

It was a deep drinking kiss and Phyfe felt the lust race through him as if Ru were pouring it into his mouth like a hot wine. It ran straight to his cock where Ru’s fingers’ diligently pumped. He felt the pleasure spasming through his muscles and moaned and reached his hands up to Ru’s shoulders, daring only to touch his arms. He clung to him, while Ru kissed and nibbled at his mouth.

“God, you’re responsive,” Ru said.

“Sorry,” Phyfe answered instinctively and clamped his teeth back on his lips to hold in his moaning, now that Ru’s mouth was not there to stifle it.

Ru chuckled, a warm rich sound. “I’m sure I’ll forgive you in time.”

“Oh…” Phyfe realized responsive was not a bad thing. He was being stupid again.

Ru bent his head and nuzzled into Phyfe’s neck, biting gently and licking. Phyfe’s fingers shook from how hard he gripped Ru’s arms. He wondered if he was allowed to touch Ru. It seemed sacrilege, even dangerous. So he gripped Ru’s arms and tried to understand, to intellectualize, to deal with the riot of sensation coming from his cock.

The steady pace of Ru’s hand on his cock never let up when Ru pulled away a little. He pushed up Phyfe’s shirt with his other hand and bowed his body to kiss and lick and Phyfe’s nipples and his belly. He groaned into Phyfe’s stomach and the deep rumbling shuddered though the dwarf’s body.

“Ru!” The sound came out like a whimper, soft and higher-pitched than Phyfe had ever heard his voice. He let go of Ru’s arm to put his hand of his mouth and his other hand fell to the earth, grasping a clump of grass.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Ru whispered in his ear, stretching his huge body over him again. “I should’ve taken you ages ago. I’ve wanted you so bad.”

Fuck. Hot. Take. Want. Bad. The words washed over him, a flood of desire and his own desperate lust. Ru kissed his mouth again, this time his tongue passed Phyfe’s teeth, shocking the dwarf with the strangeness of it. He relaxed into the kiss, finding that he liked the taste and the feeling of the man’s tongue tangling with his. Not as much as he liked the feeling of his cock in Ru’s fist, but quite a lot.

The heat in his cock was too much, too much pleasure and he resisted it, pushing away from Ru and moaning and arching. He was not in control of his body, not in control of the pleasure and the lust raging through him. He screamed as he orgasmed, from fear and ecstasy but Ru’s mouth was firmly planted over his lips and muffled the sound. He ripped the clump of grass out of the earth and it took him a few minutes to realize he was holding a clod of dirt, being kissed, and had just shot a puddle of cum on the exiled prince.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Phyfe tried to squirm away, to wipe his mess off Ru’s hand. His face had blushed to a fire heat and he groaned with embarrassment.

Ru kissed him and held him down, his weight pushing the dwarf into the earth. “Shh.”

“Sorry, I’m too loud… I shouldn’t have—”

“That was the point.” Ru kissed him. He squeezed Phyfe’s cock gently again.

“Oh…” Phyfe settled down into his blanket and Ru’s embrace.

They continued kissing and Ru’s hand soothed over his chest, stomach, and cock until Phyfe began to nod off. The chill of the night couldn’t touch him anymore, not with Ru’s body next to him, or his lips on his shoulder. Just before he fell asleep, Ru shifted slightly and Phyfe felt the knuckles of the human’s hand brush against his thigh. Ru was stroking himself and Phyfe blinked down at the blankets.

“I should help you…” Phyfe said.

“You should sleep,” Ru said. “We have another long day ahead tomorrow.”

Phyfe wondered if Ru would come to him the next night. He thought about what Ru had said before. They didn’t know if they had tomorrows so why not? Gathering all his courage, he reached out his hand and found Ru’s fingers and cock under the blankets.

Ru smiled. Phyfe could feel the way his lips spread because they were pressed against his cheek. He chuckled. “Little man wants to play. Fine. But don’t you dare tease me.”

Phyfe wondered if that was a real threat and wondered what would happen if he teased. He did not plan on finding out. His fingers felt so small around the man’s shaft. It was so hot and hard in his hand, he could feel it throbbing and it frightened him to touch it, afraid he was would to squeeze too hard. He imitated what Ru had done to him.

Ru distracted him. The man wrapped his arms tighter around Phyfe. His weight pushed the dwarf even deeper into the blanket and made his hands slip on the shaft that seemed impossibly long. Ru kissed and groaned with lust over him, pumping his hips. It seemed to Phyfe like he was trying to make his cock slip out of his hand.

“Hold it tighter,” Ru demanded. His voice was thick and husky, a low threat.

Phyfe obeyed, clamping his fingers on the big shaft. He knew by the frustrated way Ru groaned and clenched at his shoulder that he was not doing this right. He stroked harder, faster, but his fingers kept slipping off as Ru thrust in at his hand.

“God damn cock-tease,” Ru muttered and pushed Phyfe away. The dwarf made a little surprised squeak when Ru pulled him up on his knees. The human pushed his trousers down, baring Phyfe’s ass. Phyfe waited patiently, bracing himself for pain. He resolved not to cry out. There was a sound of the metal armor clinking again. Ru’s hand pressing against his ass, spreading his cheeks. Cold air bit at skin that had never been so exposed.

“Shit…” Ru swore. Then instead of entry, he felt Ru’s back over his laying on top of him, his fist around his cock as he masturbated furiously.

“It’s all right if you…” Phyfe did not know what to say. How to give permission.

“Too much noise,” Ru replied, grunting. He leaned over Phyfe’s body, his teeth grazing at Phyfe’s shoulder. “You won’t be able to take it without making too much noise.”

“Take me into the woods,” Phyfe suggested. The words made him tremble with lust. Take me.

Ru shook his head. “Too dangerous.”

“I trust you.” Phyfe arched his back, trying to offer his body to the man.

Ru chuckled again. “That’s sweet, but trust isn’t going to protect you if we get surprised in the woods…”

Phyfe understood his wisdom, his logic, and thought about the others sleeping soundly around them. It was insane to separate from them, to walk away even further from dying light of the campfire. He wondered if Night-watch could hear their conversation.

But then Phyfe thought about tomorrow, the uncertainty of the future and he knew he wanted Ru to have more from him.

“Please, Ru, I want you.”

The man shuddered. Phyfe was stunned something as small as the offer of his body could make the exiled prince of a lost city tremble.

Then the exiled prince yanked him to his feet. “This is insane.”

Phyfe followed him into the woods, following him away from the safety of their company, and the watchful eye of the shen, and into the unknown darkness. He said, quietly, holding his pants up around his waist. “You started it.”

The Haunted Forest seemed to swallow them whole and Phyfe had a terrifying notion that Ru would lose him and he would not be able to find his way back to the others, to their warm fire. He was small enough to be eaten in one bite by some of the things lurking out here. Then he felt Ru’s arms around him. It was so dark, he could not see the human, but he could feel the largeness of his body, the power in him.

Phyfe sighed relieved and lifted his arms around Ru when he bent to kiss him. His pants flopped to the ground when he was not holding them.

Ru kissed him and reached down to squeeze and knead his ass. “You deserve better than this.”

Phyfe chuckled at the idea that he deserved anything.

Ru pushed his hand between Phyfe’s legs spreading his thighs. The dwarf bit his mouth again to stifle his outcry when Ru pressed a finger into his ass. “Fucked dry in the middle of a cold dark forest.”

Phyfe said nothing, because the pain of Ru’s big finger inside him tore him apart. The Haunted Forest did not seem so cold anymore, as if Ru’s had melted through the ghosts and his very presence drove the monsters into hiding. But still the exiled prince whispered.

It was dangerous. So Phyfe struggled to stay silent. He let out a tiny whimper as Ru moved his finger in and out faster. His finger felt enormous and he wondered how much Ru’s cock was going to hurt. He resolved not to scream, not to even cry out. He didn’t want to give Ru the satisfaction of hearing his weakness, wanted to prove he could take it.

“You should get a soft bed and lotion. Wine and pleasure crystals,” Ru said. Contrasting the pleasant image he’d crafted, he shoved another finger into Phyfe.

Phyfe before he could stop himself, gave a little prissy cry of pain. Then he grunted and clenched his teeth again.

Ru thrust his fingers in and out faster again. The friction made him ache and Phyfe realized what a terrible idea this was. But he was not going to back down. He wanted to make Ru happy. He wanted more kisses and he wanted to have Ru’s hand around his cock again, his warmth against him tomorrow and the day after. And if he had to endure—

A third finger entered and he grunted this time and fell a little forward, unable to stand with his legs so widely spread. Ru kept up his pace, spreading his fingers in spite of Phyfe’s shudders and clenching.

“You shouldn’t have teased me.” Ru’s voice was thick and dark and Phyfe was sorry he had crossed him. “Now, I have to bend you over that log like you’re some dryad, some whore of the forest.”

Phyfe obeyed when Ru pushed him towards a fallen tree in the darkness and pushed him down. It was a thick log and Phyfe was not so much bending over it as leaning on it, his body curving with the log. Then Ru lifted him and draped him over the fallen tree.

Phyfe groaned when Ru’s fingers returned to his ass, probing deeper this time. He spread his legs wider now, and Phyfe’s cock, half-hard from the kissing and stroking, came to full stiffness by the stretching. “I’m okay with this, Ru.”

Ru snorted, a sound that was more lust than amusement. He put his hand over Phyfe’s mouth. “Are you sure?”

“Um hum,” Phyfe answered, nodding.

Then Ru crouched down and in one quick movement, replaced his fingers with his cock. His right hand clamped hard over Phyfe’s mouth and muffled the cry of pain. The left pressed on his back anchoring him to the log and Phyfe was briefly aware of how pinned he was, how he could not have escaped Ru if he wanted. His body certainly wanted to in that instant. The pain was overwhelming and he flailed in spite his attempts to contain it. Ru’s cock was larger than his three fingers and he had entered so suddenly.

Phyfe gasped with the pain and clung to the log. Ru rolled his hips, flexing his cock inside and making tiny movements to ease his way.

“Oh… that’s good.” Ru cooed over him. “So good.”

The tree’s branches rustled as Ru thrust into him again. This time Phyfe only groaned from the pain. He wished he had something to brace his feet on, some way to raise his ass higher, to meet Ru’s rolling hips, to invite the cock wedged deep inside him further. He couldn’t even gather his thoughts enough to encourage his lover.

Lover. That word thrummed through him and Phyfe moaned with pleasure. Ru reached around with his left arm and tucked it under Phyfe’s waist, pressing him more securely to the log and gripping his cock. When Ru punched in again, he stroked Phyfe’s cock.

As soon as Phyfe had stopped squirming in pain, stopped squealing when he thrust in, Ru started going in earnest. He pounded faster and harder and grunted softly in Phyfe’s ear. The words were garbled but Phyfe was sure they were positive. He hoped they were positive, hoped they were mutters of approval and love. Though he knew the best he could hope for was tolerance. Phyfe had trouble hearing and understanding over his own muffled whine of pleasure.

It happened faster than Phyfe would have thought; though Ru was probably not holding back. It was dangerous, this was insane, and Phyfe didn’t need his patience. Ru grunted and stiffened and Phyfe felt the slick wetness of his cum flood out into his ass. Ru collapsed onto the log on top of him, squeezing him with his weight. He was out of breath and his cock slipped out of Phyfe with a sloppy sound.

“God…” Ru whispered.

Phyfe kept very still not wanting to disturb his lover. He wondered if this was it. If Ru would ignore him in the future or if they would do this again. He could not breathe between the log and the human crushing him. He squeaked out. “Ru…”

Ru peeled himself away, but did not let Phyfe slip back to the ground. Instead, he twisted Phyfe so that he was seated on the log. Phyfe shifted, annoyed and unhappy about the roughness of the bark, of how open and dirty it felt on his raw ass, how he could feel cum still slipping out of his body, but he wasn’t going to complain. Not to Ru.

He forgot about his complaints when Ru’s mouth closed over his cock. He gasped with the pleasure and groaned out any breath he had left. He reached down to steady himself on the log with Ru’s shoulders and the man didn’t seem to notice, sucking and licking at his cock as if it were the difference between life and death.

Phyfe did hold back and he didn’t last long. He was more aware this time when he came, blushing when he flooded out into Ru’s mouth, but the man didn’t seem to mind, groaning and sucking that much harder, drinking down.

The bliss made Phyfe slack on the log and if not for Ru’s grip on his hips he would have fallen. Ru pulled him down, fixed his trousers, and carried him most of the way back to the camp. Ru kissed him and pointed him towards his blanket and said, “go to sleep, little man.”

Phyfe smirked at him, though he knew Ru could not see in the darkness. He lay down in his blankets which were cold again, but felt good on his skin. Just as he was offering silent blessing to that wonderful witch and this wonderful adventure, Ru lay down beside him and kissed the back of his neck.

He whispered. “You ride with my tomorrow.”

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