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Uninvited Love

Dark Captive: Manlove was a best-seller on Amazon in the LGBT Anthology Category and also an ARe best-seller.

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My story in Dark Captive is “Uninvited Love”

Sal Hughes, a college student and occasional prostitute who’s “between homes”, just wants enough cash to buy a pack of cigarettes and a latte. When he meets a new client, the man’s raw sex-appeal and aggression tempt Sal to break his own rules. Just being close to Vade Chadrah threatens Sal’s hard-earned independence and now if Sal can’t escape, he’ll lose himself completely in the other man’s desire.

Selection from “Uninvited Love”

Big Spender’s cock slipped slowly past his lips as Sal’s face tilted up. The man’s panting breath clouded the air. “I want to take you to my house.”
The standard script ran, “You can’t afford me,” but Sal had never seen a hundred dollars so effortlessly change hands. So he repeated. “I only give head.”
“How much?”
Sal had boundaries, limits to what he would do for cash. “No.”
The man’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t like to be told “no” but he wouldn’t stop now not in the middle of a blow job. “Go on.”
Sal obeyed. He left the finesse and swallowed Big Spender’s cock. He bobbed and sucked as deep and fast as he could. Until the man groaned with lust and gloved fingers tightened in Sal’s hair.
Big Spender jerked him closer and pumped his hips forward. Sal gripped the man’s thighs to steady himself as the man fucked his face—beg his pardon, irummated. He kept his lips tight and his throat hollow, but generally kept out of the man’s way.
Cum flooded his mouth, spicier than most. Sal swallowed, breathless when the deluge stopped.
Big Spender wasn’t so solemn now. “I want to take you home.”
His insistence thrilled and frightened Sal. Most of the men who wandered down here couldn’t compare to Big Spender’s appeal. Nice face, great body, and that intensity was a turn-on.
Sal had never been so tempted to break his rule.
“Sorry. I only give head.” Tempted, not convinced.
Big Spender zipped up and fixed his coat. When Sal stood and rubbed the grit from his knees, the man extended a personal business card. His name—Vade Chadrah—and his cell number.
“For when you change your mind.”
Later that night, sitting in the shelter, with his hands around a cardboard cup and a fresh pack of cigarettes in his jacket, Sal stared at the card. Not even “if” but “when.”

Blood and Petals

For Love the Bell Tolls is a gothic romance anthology from Stars and Stones Publishing.

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My story in For Love is “Blood and Petals”

It’s summertime in the ‘50s and Paul’s got everything a boy could ask for. Great car, easy job, and no problems. Except for the beautiful ghost haunting the boarding house where he works. And the weird memories of his past where he’s a girl. And maybe the lingering fear that something is very wrong…

Selection from “Blood and Petals”

My most important memory is August 20, 1947. That day, my new clothes arrived.
I’d worked all summer at the White Cow making fifty cents an hour, and I saved nearly three hundred dollars. At five feet ten inches, the doctor insisted I couldn’t possibly get any taller, so I invested the entirety of my savings in orders from a catalog specially designed for tall women. Levi jeans and tailored women’s trousers. Long sleeved blouses with proper buttons on the cuffs. Short sleeve shirts with starched collars and polka dot prints. Even three bullet bras.
If any of my four brothers got to those boxes first, I’d be teased mercilessly, so all the packages went to Annie’s house. Shy, studious, polite Annie. My next-door neighbor…or the closest thing to next-door in farm country. Annie had finished growing at a respectable five foot two inches, and couldn’t have fit the bobbysoxer image more if she tried. Her uncle took her to the city to get her soft blond hair shampooed ever week and always bought her something new.
I tied my hair into its last ponytail and crunched through my hair with less gentleness that I used to sheer the sheep. Once I’d committed the crime, Annie swung in to reduce the damage. She combed and snipped, sighing as the inches fell off in thick black snakes. When I lifted my head, it was short as Mary Astor’s and twice as curly.
I could hardly breathe when I wore my new clothes. Because they fit me. The trousers tapered at my ankle and synced on my waist. No more shapeless sweaters or skirts that sagged on my waist or stopped too soon. I’d transformed. Sheep-farmer to… shit, I was stunning. A regular Katherine Hepburn.
“I look swell. Don’t I?” I sauntered around before her. Annie stared at the floor and said nothing. My world hung on the thread of her judgment. I never knew how desperate I was for her approval, for her eyes, until she denied me. “I mean, don’t I?”
“Oh yes!” Annie stammered, cheeks full of color. She could hardly look at me as if the sight of me was dizzying. “Real swell, Paulie. Like a… like in the movies. You look good, it’s only…”
She fetched a silk scarf out of her enormous closet. She stood on tip-toes to get it around my neck since I was about a head taller. Her skin smelled like perfumed French soap.
“There now.” Annie left the scarf tied loosely. “Now, you look like a girl.”
It crushed me.
I mean I wanted to look good. Every little girl wants to grow up and be beautiful. But as much as I wanted to be desired… somewhere deep down, I didn’t want to look like a girl.
Now, more than ever, I have to remember that. I was fourteen. I was in love with Helen Anabelle Fairbridge. And I was a girl.


Love Across the Universe is a sci-fi romance anthology from Stars and Stones Publishing.

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My story in Love Across the Universe is “Breathless”

An military sci-fi romance where a marine and a café manager are stranded in an alien nest just under the surface of a resort planet.

Selection from “Breathless”

There’s a galaxy of tubes and conveyor belts overhead that connect the port to fifty feet of stock shelves. Moon-Kaa Cafe is the largest restaurant on the planet, which isn’t as impressive as it sounds since BABs has only been inhabited for fifteen years. Still, the fresh water ocean, the miles of green beach, the dozens of luxury resorts bring vacationers from all over the galaxy. The visitors outnumber the permanent population by six to one. And nearly all of them will eat, at least once, at Moon-Kaa Cafe.
Tianjin Ki’s office stands next to the shelves with windows to the warehouse and the backroom. The door’s propped open. Too early for him to do paperwork. He’s in the backroom— I glimpse his milky skin, his red tie through the shelves. Doing our job.
Tianjin can do every job at every resort on this fucking planet with about ten minutes notice. Not only does he open the cafe three or four days a week, I’ve seen him pull shifts at the deli when Graham had the flu, at Quassar’s grill to give Ms. Jessica time off to plan her daughter’s wedding. Once I spotted him at The Boiler Room behind the bar, which still makes my heart flip a little. I don’t think he saw me, though I’d never managed the courage to visit the men’s only club afterward. If he saw me, he recognized me. The crowd was entirely vacationers. Besides, there are precious few cyborgs on BABs. They all work nights at Moon-Kaa Cafe.
Tianjin steps into my full view, pausing before the sliding doors between the kitchen and the shelves. He smiles for himself. That’s the kind of person he is. Sweet, cheerful. Even with all his power, Tianjin says ‘thank you’ to the lead-head who takes out the trash.
Even across the warehouse, I can appreciate the crispness of his white shirt on his slender shoulders, the neatness of his sleek black ponytail, the way his trousers accentuate the curve of his ass.
I’d like to mess up every part of his calm.
What would he do if I called, “morning, boss, care for an old fashioned B.J. from a lead-head?” Bet those trousers would slither off his legs. Bet he’d be shocked if I dropped to my knees in front of him. But maybe he’d laugh and grab my hair to press my face against the curve of his cock. Maybe if I did a good job he’d take me by the hand and lead me into the freezer with a mischievous grin, lean over a bushel of mangos to offer his ass.
No, he wouldn’t. Not while working. Not with a guy missing half his face.
The door thumps open. Tianjin disappears into the cafe.
Absently, I rub my jaw and stroll across the grate of the pit. We’ve got a pastry case to fill, pre-made sandwiches to put on display, water bottles to stock. Since everything on BABs either dissolves in a week or can survive a nuclear bomb, the garbage bins we left sideways on the floor weight about as much as Tianjin.
I prep my lie. Where’s night-shift? In the pit, clearing a blockage. There was a stench. Routine maintenance.
Through the grate, the hoses splash, and since I know I’m looking for a couple tons of dead flesh, I can see the roaches. No one on day shift gets close enough to smell the gore and chemicals. No one, not even the planet’s resource manager, knows about the monsters on the other side of that mesh.
No civilian does.
Pangaea INC, the official owners of the planet, pay us ex-soldiers good money to make sure those beasties stay a secret.
So, I guess, if there’s one job on BABs Tianjin Ki can’t do, it’s mine.

Reveiws from Goodreads:

“This was a well rounded out story involving the unlikely duo of an Ex-soldier and a resort manager. The story was action packed with alien bug slaying and blooming new romance. I know that sounds like it wouldn’t work – but it totally did. “