Sunshine and Snakes: Opening

Here’s me wasting time by writing about writing in real time.


I got the opening to ‘Sunshine and Snakes’ today (also the name for Ice which was Ricky. Came out of nowhere since I thought I was going to name him Ignacio and call him Cio. I might go back to this. Don’t know yet. It’s a work in progress. Stop pressuring me!)

Anyways, like in ‘Breathless’, I wanted to start this Action-Adventure Erotica with a good hook. Unlike, ‘Breathless’, the meaningless violence makes sense because this is the story of a hit-man in love (which would make a great band-name).

The scene is Seattle in late fall. Mr. Hank James, a drunk business man on a business trip from the south is on his way back to his hotel. Ricky our POV character, who seems to know more about Mr. James than he should, offers to help him hire an uber and get to his hotel safely. When Mr. James responds with racism and brandishes a hunting knife, Ricky without hesitation murders the man with his own weapon, just like Mrs. James hired him to. The premeditation and professionalism is apparent in how Ricky makes his escape and I hope gives readers a sense of Ricky’s humor and the … I don’t know… ice water in his veins.

I’m a little over 1000 words with that first chapter and I’m not doing an excerpt because it was so short. But I am thinking about the first sex scene so I’ll probably be writing that (and about that) soon. Maybe I’ll write out my outline and post that. Maybe I’ll write Burgess’ opening. You don’t know! I don’t know. My process is wildly unpredictable, so far.



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