Evasive Love Reveiwed

Evasive Love got reviewed on by Miranda Grissom from JoyfullyReveiwed.

Evasive Love by L. J. Longo
Published byEllora’s CaveGenres:MM, Science Fiction

One little moment in time, a mistake that wasn’t even his fault cost Kavan Griffiths his position on the Intersectoral Police force.  Working as a bounty hunter Kavan has more leeway these days, but he wants back in the ISP, so everything is on the right side of the law regardless of which sector he’s working in.

Kavan’s latest collar is wanted by two different sectors and so far nobody else has figured out where he fled to.  One Elliot Grayson is wanted for manufacturing illegal bacteria and he’s rumored to be the boyfriend of a drug kingpin, Rabid.

The man Kavan catches vehemently denies that he’s the criminal everyone is looking for.  So good at denial that Kavan begins to doubt he’s got the right guy.  Elliot may be wanted, yet Kavan begins to wonder if he’s truly guilty or is something deeper going on.  Getting involved with a collar is the last thing the bounty hunter needs if he wants his old career back.  There’s definitely more to Elliot’s criminal entanglement than meets the eye. But taking Elliot’s side may cost Kavan everything.

Dizzying twists and turns make Evasive Love a wild and crazy ride.  The story and characters are multi-layered, tiptoeing the line between honest and guilty.  A complex plotline with vibrant dialogue that’s sometimes snarky, other times humorous. Trying to follow Elliot’s thoughts at times is something else.  Excellent characters in a busy tale that never stops moving.  Enjoy Evasive Love.

So there you have it.  Enjoy Evasive Love here.

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