Behind the Scenes: Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction cover 2Idea

I’ll be honest, this is a silly story with a silly, silly beginning.  I was playing Sims 3 one night (I’m an obsessive Simmer) and one of my little doll men was abducted.  Gary just happened to be gay (does that surprise you?) and came back alien pregnant, which has nothing to do with his gayness really, but I like to link unrelated ideas together sometimes and abuse punctuation; it’s my prerogative as a writer and someone who knows a bit about grammar to create unnaturally long sentences that don’t necessarily makes sense and certainly should have ended long before that semicolon.

Anyways…I over-think things. While I was playing the game, raising the alien baby, I couldn’t help but wonder if Gary enjoyed his close encounter.  Was the baby a true parasite, attached to Gary’s belly, bursting forth ala John Hurt?  Or was this an illegitimate love child?  Was the other Dad ever going to make himself known?

Well, my car ended up flooding. Gary and Gary II were destroyed in a watery grave, but it got me thinking about alien abductions and anal probing.  This story ensued.

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