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Hiya, I’m L.J. I’m an award-winning author, a queer geek and feminist. I write a medley of Dark Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Horror usually with m/m pairings. If you aren’t into any of those things… how did you find me? 

Most recently, I won honorable mention in the Horror Category for Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards for my short story “Knife and Needle.” My Steampunk novella The Scribbling Windhund was showcased by The Fantasist. I’ve also been part of several best-selling LGBTQ Romance anthologies on Amazon and an ARe best-seller.

Check out my blog for interviews with other authors, thoughts on popular fiction, the writing process, and of course, excerpts from my short stories.

Dark Romance:

The Dishonest Lover

When a dangerous gang threatens his family, Irish thug, George Morrison is forced to abduct a fleeing con-artist and hold him over the Christmas holiday. The only problem is the escaping American, is the most charming and seductive man George has ever met.

Beautiful Chains

Harper Brosh, a dancer with a fledgling theater company seduces Mr. Ito, the theater’s mysterious patron. While the sparks fly with the eccentric billionaire (who Harper has never seen unmasked), Harper is surprised as anyone to find himself falling for timid stagehand, Carlos.

Sunshine and Snakes

Silent and unflinching in the face of death, Rico never met a man he couldn’t kill. Until he is instructed to murder his old cellmate and occasional lover, Burgess Accorsi.

Uninvited Love

Sal Hughes, a college student and occasional prostitute, meets a new client whose raw sex-appeal and aggression tempt him to break his own rules. If Sal can’t escape, he’ll lose himself completely in the other man’s desire.

Fantasy Romance:

Hiring the Tiger: Heart of the Mountain

Navarro, a tiger, reformed bandit, and leader of a small but territorial wolf-pack, falls in love with Lady Jasprite Doughton, a wild and wanton merchant with no desire to be tied down.

Tortured Heart

Aza, a crow shifter who has fought hard to rise to steward of his witch’s household fights his attraction for a wolf who belongs to a rival witch.

The Scarf

Tru, a lone wolf and sometime police consultant, who falls in love with Dimi, a fox who illegally harbors other shifters from their witch creators and is closely tied to a rogue wolf pack.

Seaweed and Silk

A mermaid: hundreds of miles from her home on the ice, on a ship with a troll, a goblin wizard, and a pack of wolves. What else can go wrong? Oh, right. A flippin’ sea monster.

Sci-Fi/ Horror Romance:

The Scribbling Windhund

Otto Lang is a celebrity fashion critic who lives happily as a second-class citizen in Prussia until a convicted terrorist reaches out to him to tell his story before his execution.

Available for free at The Fantastist


An military sci-fi romance where a marine and a café manager are stranded in an alien nest just under the surface of a resort planet.

The Flying Saltines (under the name Read Gallo)

An LGBT magical realism romance between the Hudson River and a homeless teenager.

Blood and Petals (under the name Read Gallo)

A gothic romance between two young women in the ‘50s sent to a maternity house to ‘deal with’ their unwanted children.

Embrace adventure, magic, romance, and the power of escapism.

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